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3rd-Nov-2009 06:35 pm - Icon Dump // 001
|4| Loveless
|10| Gundam Seed Destiny
|7| Kuroshitsuji
|9| LM.C
|3| Misc. Quotes


Not easily offended, know how to let it go, from the mess to the masses...Collapse )

Artist: xfalsepretense
Subject: Naruto
Characters: Team Seven [Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto]
Lyrics: What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
Number of icons: 10/10
Credits: Found Here

What hurts the most is being so close...Collapse )
4th-Aug-2007 05:20 pm - Affiliates
If you would like to affiliate with burnt_canvas, please leave a comment on this post. Thank you! ^^
4th-Aug-2007 05:23 pm - Requests
If you would like to request icons/banners/colorbars, please do so as a comment to this post.

++ If you do have specific ideas in mind, please explain them as detailed as you can in order for us to best meet your expectations. We don't want to make something you won't like.
++ If you are going to request something, please make it reasonable. Asking for a dozen icons is a bit much, wouldn't you say? ^^;
4th-Aug-2007 05:17 pm - Resources
On this post we have listed the locations in which we find all of the textures and brushes used in our graphics [that aren't our own]. Check them out, you may find something you like. ^-^

Resources under the cut.Collapse )
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